Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible, 4th Edition

By John C. Payne

Sheridan House, imprint of Globe Pequot, Hardcover, 651 pages

Author John C. Payne, a cruising sailor, has updated his successful book (first published in 2006) on marine electronics to cover the latest in battery technology (lithium-ion), the advent of the automatic identification (AIS) system, the emergence of inverters and new DC motor technologies, and with the world on the verge of accepting solely electric propulsion in boats. You can’t avoid electronics on a boat, whether it’s to run the VHF radio and navigating station, power the engine or provide power for the morning coffee. The author, a marine electrical engineer, surveyor and liveaboard, says the reason for the book is to keep things “alive and healthy.” Everything is covered, from house lights, anchor windlasses and bow thrusters, to refrigeration, generators and winterizing.

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