What makes a great photograph

Understanding Composition Field Guide
By Brian Peterson
Crown Publishing Group/Random House Inc.
Softcover, 288 pages
Many sailors get into the sport because of an opportunity to share time with family, a love of nature or maybe sport and competition for the racers among us. And many enjoy capturing those special moments with a camera, to later share with others.

Well, here’s a book that will make your photos stand out from the crowd. Chicago resident Bryan Peterson, a professional photographer and teacher, has written many books on photography (Understanding Exposure 3rd Ed., Understanding Flash Photography) and his latest book covers composition or ways for an amateur to give their photographs more impact and emotion.

The author says it’s not necessarily the content but more about the arrangement or positioning of the photographer or camera.

The author encourages a new sight line, a different angle, moving closer to the subject, or maybe turning the camera to shoot either horizontal or vertical.

There are lots of tips, like background, the importance of shutter speed and aperture, framing and something called the Rule of Thirds (don’t put the main focus in the middle of the frame).

There are many examples of how to shoot nature, people, sports, macro or landscapes, and everything in between. Snap away.

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