Explore Spain the Frommer’s way

Frommer’s Spain
By Alexis Flippin, 19th Ed.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Softcover, 04 (portable), 790 (Spain)
Frommer’s offers a couple of different styles of travel guides suitable for different types of travelers – perhaps one for the younger set who want to blaze their own trail, and the other for more mature travelers, who enjoy lots of research prior to leaving home.

The more “portable” guide (covering various Caribbean locales) is printed on paper stock and fits into your pocket, while the more detailed guide (Spain) is printed on glossy paper and includes a large, pull-out map, 246 colour photographs on various tourism sites, along with colour maps on regions and cities, along with an extensive “best” lists on top festivals, small towns, food and drink and outdoor experiences.

The more concise or portable guide has limited information on towns in the Caribbean, while the full guide on Spain offers plenty of information on little towns that dot the Spanish countryside, inviting readers to get off the main path.

The full edition guide is much more detailed on a variety of topics (like new museums which just opened, or local customs like flamenco dancing, for instance), while the portable version skips over the extra details.

These travel guides are well worth the read, before you head out or even to begin planning your trip, and the guides are updated regularly. Have a great trip.

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